SE and SEA tanks

We manufacture carbon steel glass lined pressure vessels as specified by DIN 28018 and DIN 28019 and we provide three different types of equipment:

  • SZ and SZA: vertical – small size
  • SE and SEA: vertical – medium and large sizes
  • LE: horizontal – medium and large sizes

SE and SEA types
Vertical storage tanks without jackets and jacket or half coil as an alternative


Features and options

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Nominal capacity

  • 1.000 L to 40.000 L


  • Vessel: – 1 bar to + 6 bar
  • Half coil: – 1 bar to + 12 bar


  • – 25°C to + 200°C

Design and calculation codes

  • VSR/AD-Merkblätter/ASME Section VIII Div.1/CE marking
  • PED 97/23/EC Module G Category IV

Glass lining

  • Multipurpose G2208 glass available in blue, light blue and white
  • Other types of glass to suit specific requirements are available on request

Glass quality is checked as specified by DIN 28063
The following controls are performed:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thickness control
  • StatiFlux testing (electrified particle test)
  • Spark test as specified by ISO 2746
    Operated at 20.000 V for vessels and accessories immediately after glass lining; at 12.000 V for vessels and accessories prior to shipment


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  • Bottom outlet valve
  • Temperature probe
  • Dip pipe

Others available on request

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