Glass lined reactor – BE type

Glass lined reactors are at the core of production activities wherever a reaction is run under aggressive acid conditions.
Our state-of-the-art glass lined reactors ensure quality, safety and reliability, satisfying multiple requirements such as:

  • Efficient and reproducible heat transfer
  • Effective and reliable mixing systems
  • Corrosion resistance
  • No contamination

They are designed and manufactured in compliance with DIN standards.


Features and options

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Nominal capacity

  •  1.000 L to 32.000 L

Design specifications

  • Pressure: – 1 bar to + 6 bar
  • Temperature : – 25°C to + 200°C

Design and calculation codes

  • VSR/AD-Merkblätter/ASME Section VIII Div.1/CE marking
  • PED 97/23/EC Module Category IV

ATEX conformity

  • External + internal: Gr. II, Cat. 2, G (zone 1), D (zone 21)

Construction tolerance

  •  DIN 28006 T2

Construction system

  • One construction piece

Jacket design

  • Type B1 as specified by DIN 28151
  • Other types, as specified by DIN 28151, are available on request

Half pipe coil design

  • The half pipe coil is supplied as an alternative to the jacket
  • Shape of the fluid flow section: half pipe (DIN 28128)
  • Heating zones: one or more
  • Single or double circuit


  • Flanges as specified by DIN 2501 PN 10
  • All glass lined nozzles are complete with loose backing split flanges as specified by DIN 28150
  • Flanges as specified by other standards (ANSI) are available on request


  • PTFE envelope type with stainless steel insert for all glass lined connections

Agitator system

  • Removable turbine agitator with press lock
  • Coupling system
  • Standard design: three blade 45 degrees
  • Pitched-blade turbine combined with beaver tail
  • Baffle(s) as specified by DIN 28146
  • Other systems are available on request: e.g., retreat-blade impellers as specified by DIN 28157 (two-piece construction), multiple turbine agitators, wide blade turbine

Drive unit

  • 3-phase asynchronous electric motor, EExd certified
  • Speed reducer with ground profile gears
  • Direct mounted connection between motor and reduction gear
  • Pedestal as specified by DIN 28162 T1 (with drive flange as specified by DIN 28137)

Shaft seal

  • As specified by DIN 28138 T2 and T3
  • Cartridge design with double mechanical seal assembly for quick replacement, side dismantling without removal of gear with thermometer and pressure gauge
  • Pressurizing and lubrication unit with thermosyphon circulation complete with hand pump for topping up


  • Legs – side brackets – support rings as specified by DIN 28145 T4
  • Different design is available on request

Glass lining

  • Multipurpose G2208 glass available in blue, light blue and white
  • Other types of glass, to suit specific requirements, are available on request

Glass quality is checked as specified by DIN 28063
The following controls are performed:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thickness control
  • StatiFlux testing (electrified particle test)
  • Spark test as specified by ISO 2746
    Operated at 20.000 V for vessels and accessories immediately after glass lining; at 12.000 V for vessels and accessories prior to shipment

Other parts included are the following:

  • Glass lined protection ring for the manhole
  • Spring assisted lifting device to open the manway cover
  • Sight glass
  • Light glass


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Glass lined bottom outlet valve

  • Manually driven, pneumatically driven or pneumatically actuated

Sealed insulation

  • Provided with stainless steel cladding on insulating materials (e.g., mineral wool, foam glass)
    Insulation is available on request on the vertical shell, lower bottom and top head to ensure the reactor is completely enclosed

Light fitting, EExd certified

Agitating nozzles for the jacket inlets

  • Provided to increase the circulation velocity of liquid media in the jacket

Temperature probe

  • Completely glass lined or provided with tantalum tip

pH, redox probe

  • Completely glass lined or provided with tantalum tip

RP probe

  • To detect glass lining failure

Glass lined or PTFE lined dip pipes

  • Other corrosion resistant materials are also available

Sampling probe

  • Simple or continuous type with circulation washing pump and potentially a pH probe on the circuit

Fast closing device

Powder charging device


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Glass lined reactors are used for multiple applications, from API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) synthesis to hydrometallurgy, across different industries, such as:

  • Base chemical
  • Chloralkali
  • Crop protection
  • Flavours & fragrances
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Precious and technology metals

They can be provided as standalone units or modular turnkey systems to simultaneously satisfy functional needs and efficiency in project costs and execution time.

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