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We are a leading provider of process solutions, plants, equipment and services for process industries and multi-utilities, addressing both production and environmental needs.

A multi-disciplinary approach, balanced between technological expertise and a consulting mindset, engineering & manufacturing know-how are today our distinguishing features, making us a unique partner for our customers.

People, collaboration and relationships are our driving forces to generate innovative solutions for a sustainable progress.


Progress is both our driving force and the goal we strive for, every day, through continuous improvements, actions and complex development projects.

Knowledge and process expertise constitute our strengths and our means of pursuing progress.

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Our values


Progress as a common good is our goal: from small continuous improvements to innovative solutions for our customers, we strive to make a difference on important global issues.

Multidisciplinary approach

The capacity to combine different skills and perspectives is our answer to achieving progress and innovation at all times, and is further reinforced by an open, flexible and dynamic attitude, the hallmark of our approach to doing things and how we work.


Responsibility is a value that informs all our actions, not only environmental but social and economic as well.

We are committed to shaping corporate policies that place the individual at the centre and to promoting practices that make focusing on the future the highest and most indispensable prerequisite for progress.


We believe in collaboration and interaction between people inside and outside the company.

On the one hand, we encourage the exchange of knowledge between different roles and professions while, on the other hand, we actively make partnering with customers our approach.


Within an extremely dynamic environment, our range of products offers solutions for an ever-demanding market by integrating skills and daring, tradition and innovation, manufacturing and a consulting approach.

Italian soul

We are an Italian family business, founded in 1958, and while we have grown internationally over time, we have always remained connected to our home territory.
This connection underpins our philosophy, which focuses on flexibility, relations, care and customisation.


Make progress sustainable, every day,
leveraging the talents, skills and diversity of our people.



We design, build and operate bespoke solutions
for the process industry and multi-service providers.
We work in partnership with our customers,
sharing innovation, experience and multidisciplinarity.

Part of the 3V Group

The 3V Group, founded in Italy in the 1950s, is at present a multinational company with production and R&D facilities in Europe and the USA, supported by a global sales network.
Originally established as a producer of specialty chemicals, from which it derived its process expertise, it has progressively extended and diversified its offer in terms of products, services and markets.
Today, through 3V Enterprise and its subsidiaries 3V Tech and 3V Green Eagle, the 3V Group has a strong presence in numerous industrial sectors, from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to O&G, for which it develops, designs and manufactures:

  • process equipment and production plants;
  • plants for the treatment of wastewater, sludge and for the recovery and processing of waste;
  • management and treatment of industrial waste.

Our story


Establishment of 3V Tech Glass Process Systems in Assisi, Perugia (Italy)


Commissioning of the plant in Cornate d’Adda (Italy) for the production of heat appliances


3V Tech obtains ARAMCO qualification for wet oxidation plants and receives award for the first wet oxidation plant installed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Establishment of 3V Tech USA with its own facility in Andrews, South Carolina (USA) for after-sales services


First 3V Tech (TOP technology) wet oxidation plant established in the Oil & Gas industry to treat spent caustic water from refineries


Establishment of 3V Tech and incorporation of 3V Cogeim, 3V Glasscoat and 3V Mabo


Establishment of 3V Tech Shanghai, the company’s sales and after-sales service office in China


Establishment of 3V Glasscoat with the launch of enamelled equipment production at the plant in Noventa di Piave (Italy)


Wet oxidation, TOP and DUAL TOP technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater and sludge are awarded the status of “Best Available Techniques” by the European Commission’s IPPC


3V Cogeim expands its process equipment portfolio with the acquisition of Mabo, a leader in the field of thermal separation equipment


Establishment of the 3V Green Eagle, owner of a waste treatment platform and authorised to treat 400.000 m3 per year of liquid industrial waste for third parties


Establishment of CPM, a joint venture with ENI for the production of chemical intermediates at the facility in Porto Marghera, Venice (Italy)


Establishment of 3V Inc. with the launch of chemical product production in the USA at its plant in Georgetown, South Carolina


Establishment of 3V Cogeim and launch of the manufacture of process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries at the facility in Dalmine, Bergamo (Italy)


3V Sigma launches the second production facility in Grassobbio, Bergamo (Italy)


Establishment of 3V Sigma and launch of the manufacture of chemical products at the facility in Mozzo, Bergamo (Italy)

Our global market presence

3V Group has a global market presence, operating from Europe, the USA, Brazil & China.

Our commitment & responsibility

In the effort to contribute to a better world, we sustain different national and international initiatives.

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