Design, Build, Operate

The three building blocks
of our mission.
Merging design, manufacturing
and experience in plant operations,
we offer comprehensive support from the earliest stage of conceptual design up to after-sales services.


We oversee all design stages, from feasibility studies to detailed engineering, to ensure that our customers are convinced that their multiple needs are best met from the earliest stages.

Feasibility study

The design of a new plant or equipment always requires taking into consideration multiple parameters, frequently unknown, especially when a new substance has to be processed. To obtain data, establish the design criteria, and to verify process reliability, we perform process simulations and testing, leveraging our multidisciplinary teams and R&D centre capabilities.
Collected data and information allow us to prepare technical & economical feasibility studies to ensure that our customers are convinced with the solution offered.

We can also provide equipment for rent when customers want to perform the tests themselves.

industrial plant

R&D capabilities

  • Process simulation software
  • Bench-scale testing
  • Pilot plant testing
  • Physical-chemical analysis

R&D testing capabilities

  • Filtration
  • Drying
  • Evaporation
  • Stripping & scrubbing
  • Wet oxidation
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Biological treatment
  • Chemical-physical treatment
  • Respirometry

Design engineering

The design of a new plant or equipment always requires meeting multiple targets and analysing multiple parameters and criteria. We are able to leverage our balanced multi-discipline engineering team to meet these requirements, based on our robust and consolidated chemical processing and mechanical engineering knowledge, integrated by effective automation, instrumentation and piping design capacities.
Acting as a partner, we work closely with our customers from the earliest stage of the feasibility study and conceptual design up to detailed engineering.

Extended range of engineering disciplines

  • Chemical processing
  • Environmental processing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumental
  • Piping
  • Automation

Design Engineering Capabilities

  • Process simulation (by Aspen Hysys)
  • Mixing simulation and optimisation (by Visimix)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis
  • FEM analysis
  • Design in compliance with ASME – EN 13445 – AD2000 – CODAP


We ensure a high-quality undertaking for our customers over the entire manufacturing process, from raw material machining up to installation.

Manufacturing facilities

We undertake to provide our customers with exceptional quality plants and equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process, from machining raw or semi-finished materials through to the construction and installation of finished plants or equipment.

We also run acceptance tests:

  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT)
  • Site acceptance tests (SAT)
  • Installation qualification/mechanical inspections

Qualified welders and specialised operators are employed at our 4 facilities based in Italy and the USA.

Manufacturing facility – Dalmine, Italy

  • 12.000 m2
  • Manufacturing of plants, evaporators, filters, dryers
  • Machining, welding and assembly capabilities

Manufacturing facility – Noventa, Italy

  • 4.000 m2
  • Manufacturing of glass lined reactors, evaporators, mixing systems
  • Machining, welding and assembly capabilities
  • State of the art furnaces for smelting stage
  • Preparation and application of glass coating
  • Quality control laboratory

Manufacturing facility – Andrews, South Carolina, USA

  • 1.500 m2
  • Glass lining (of small equipment and components)
  • Re-glassing & repair of reactors, parts and components
  • Retrofit and refurbishment of dryers and filter-dryers

Manufacturing facility – Cornate d’Adda, Italy

  • 2.700 m2
  • Manufacturing of reactors, vessels, columns in carbon steel
  • Machining, welding and assembly capabilities

Manufacturing facility – Assisi, Italy

  • 2.000 m2
  • Manufacturing of pilot plants, glass over-head, reactors, filters, vessels, columns, heat exchangers in borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Glass blowing, glass welding and assembly capabilities

Construction materials

Carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 316, 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex), nickel, nickel alloys, titanium, glass coatings.

Construction in compliance with

Directive 2006/42/EC, ASME, EN13445, CODAP, SVT.


ASME (U-stamp), PED, SQL, UNI EN ISO 3834-2: 2006, SELO Licence, ISO 9001: 2015.


We provide a wide range of services, from on-site assistance during installation and start-up, up to after-sales and environmental services.

To best serve our customers and seamlessly facilitate the operation stage, while improving efficiency and reliability, we provide on field assistance from installation to start-up leveraging our skilled team of engineers and technicians.

In addition, we offer after-sales services and, through our sister company 3V Green Eagle, environmental services and assistance during the operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

Extended assistance

  • Installation qualification
  • Operation qualification
  • Performance qualification
  • Operators training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Retrofit & refurbishment
  • Remote control

Environmental services

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