Portable gas washing units are ideal to neutralize corrosive exhaust gases, fumes and vapours from reactors.
The scrubber consists of a packed column in which gas and liquid flow backwards. Appropriate column sizing ensures compliance with emission limits. The heat generated is removed by the excess water used in the absorption column. Our scrubbers are particularly suitable for the study of scale-up stripping processes.


Features and options

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Compact design

  • Compact size allows scrubbers to be positioned under a walk-in hood

Design specifications

  • Design Temperature : – 25°C to 200°C
  • Design Pressure : – 1 barg to + 0,5 barg

ATEX conformity

  • ATEX certification available upon request


  • Possibility to customize the column up to DN600
  • The gas scrubber unit can be connected to any gas outlet
  • Possibility to operate with different washing solutions selected in accordance with gas affinity


  • Material in contact with product: corrosion resistant materials such as borosilicate glass, ceramic, PTFE, PVDF, PF

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