G2208 standard glass lining

As a recognized leader in the market thanks to our significant expertise with developing glass linings, today we are able to offer the four different types of linings listed below:

3V Tech tabella Equipment Glass lining

G2208 standard glass lining

The G22 glass lining series has been successfully used throughout our entire glass lining equipment portfolio. It has been further improved with the development of the G2208 glass lining which has superior chemical and physical characteristics, as already verified by multiple customers.

Improved performance is the result of using the “spray dust” application method, consisting of the application in suspension of a glass coverslip in water and subsequently applying dry glass powder over the wet layer. Consequently, compared to the classic method of spraying a liquid suspension, less coats are required (4 heat treatments compared to the 5 or 6 normally used) resulting in less strain when heated in the furnace. This ensures a smooth and compact vitreous layer without any underlying micro-bubbles and without the smallest imperfections, thus guaranteeing better quality and a longer life even when used in very harsh process conditions.
These benefits are particularly important for distillation columns and special equipment.

The outstanding characteristics of our glass lined equipment are also guaranteed by an initial normalising heat treatment, conducted in an electric furnace at 920°C, to relieve stress build-up accumulated during machining.
The treatment also increases the level of steel hardness and removes traces of oil and grease to improve the condition of the surface and prepare it for the subsequent application of enamel coating.

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