Biconical dryer blenders

Drying is a common process step required after a solid-liquid separation. Vacuum drying is the most efficient and effective means to obtain this for most pharmaceutical and chemical products, facilitating the processing of thermal sensitive substances, as well.
Our agitated vacuum dryers ensure homogenous mixing of the product, improving the heat exchange factor and, as a final result, further reducing the drying time.

The biconical dryer combines high efficiency in drying with optimal mixing and stirring of the product, achieved through the drying chamber’s rotation, in addition to easy discharge, cleaning and inspection operations.
Excellent resistance to aggressive acid conditions is ensured with glass linings.
It is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

All operations are conducted without exposing operators to the products and without contaminating the product itself, ensuring safety and quality at the same time.
We provide special solutions to keep the process fully contained also during the product filling and discharge phases.


Features and options

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  • Total volume up to 6.500 L
  • Design pressure: – 1 barg to atm
  • Design temperature: – 25°C to + 200°C

Design and calculation codes

  • PED 97/23/EC Module Category IV


  • Glass lined nozzles with split loose flanges


  • PTFE envelope gasket on all assembled joints

Single or double mechanical seal

  • Dry running
  • Lubricated


  • Multipurpose G2208 glass available in blue, light blue and white
  • Other types of glass to suit specific requirements are available on request

Glass quality is checked as specified by DIN 28063
The following controls are performed:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thickness control
  • StatiFlux testing (electrified particle test)
  • Spark test as specified by ISO 2746
    Operated at 20.000 V for vessels and accessories immediately after glass lining; at 1.000 V for vessels and accessories prior to shipment

Other features

  • Rotation speed variation by inverter
  • Vacuum pipe made of Hastelloy®


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  • Lump breakers
  • Product charging & discharging system
  • Heating and cooling unit
  • Vacuum system
  • Automation


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Our dryers are effectively used in multiple applications across the following different industries:

  • Biochemicals
  • Crop protection
  • Flavours & fragrances
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers
  • Precious and technology metals
  • Waste recovery

Depending on the product and/or application, different kinds of dryers can be designed and drying can also be combined with filtration in a single unit, for even higher efficiency and product containment, as ensured by our pressure filter dryers.

More about filter dryers

Dryers or filter dryers can be provided as standalone units or modular turnkey systems to simultaneously satisfy functional needs and efficiency in project costs and execution time.

More about plants

More about processes

For new or innovative applications or to assess the correct sizing even for consolidated processes, we provide support to customers with testing operations to study product behaviour, identify the ideal process parameters and support scale-up.

More about R&D

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