Reaction is, in many cases, the core of production activities, for both chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries, significantly contributing to the efficiency and reliability of the overall process.

We design and build reaction process solutions intended to satisfy the above goals and ensure quality, safety and ease of maintenance.

Our process solutions

Combining extensive experience in the design and manufacture of glass lined reactors with process expertise, we now offer a wide range of solutions, from standalone reaction vessels to modular turnkey systems to simultaneously satisfy functional needs and efficiency in project costs and execution time.
All our reactors are designed and manufactured to meet essential requirements, such as:

  • Efficient and reproducible heat transfer
  • Effective and reliable mixing systems
  • Corrosion resistant materials, even in aggressive acid environment
  • No contamination

More about equipment

Should a customer so request, reaction systems may include:

  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Piping
  • Glove box

More about our modular systems for API, HPAPI and intermediates synthesis

To cover the entire process from reaction up to the powdered dry final product, we can integrate reactors with other operation units such as filtration and drying, provided as standalone equipment or modular systems.


More about the filtration process

More about the drying process


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Over the years under the Glasscoat brand, we have placed hundreds of reactors for multiple applications on the market, from API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) synthesis to hydrometallurgy, across different industries, such as:

  • Base chemical
  • Chloralkali
  • Crop protection
  • Flavours & fragrances
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Precious and technology metals

More about our modular systems for API, HPAPI and intermediates synthesis


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Our R&D centre, already equipped with process simulation software, bench and pilot units for filtration, drying, purification and concentration, will soon be equipped with glass lined reactors to provide comprehensive support to our customers.

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