Wastewater treatment

Water has an extraordinary value for all human activities, from human health and wellbeing to industrial processes where it plays a vital role, whether in pharma, chemical processing, food and beverage or refineries.

A growing population and a continually expanding industrial sector make water treatment increasingly critical: our progress increasingly depends on how we will use, treat and manage it, year by year.
For that reason, for over 20 years we have been committed to treating industrial effluents to reduce their contamination, helping industries to comply with regulations and to potentially increase water reuse or the recovery of other valuable substances.

Our process solutions

Leveraging our process expertise, we identify the best wastewater treatment solution by integrating multiple technologies, from chemical-physical treatments to biological treatment, with our core technologies, such as:

  • Wet oxidation
  • Deep neutralization
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Thermal separation
    • Evaporation
    • Drying
    • Distillation
    • Stripping
    • Crystallization

We identify the process solution and select the most appropriate technology depending on wastewater composition, the desired quality of the treated water and its end use:

  • Discharge
  • Reuse/recycling
  • Concentration
  • Nutrients recovery
  • Solvents recovery

3V Tech tabella Processes Wastewater treatment

Our solutions portfolio also includes treatment for generated sludge.

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Wastewater treatment for discharge

When water is discharged to surface water, sewers or to other treatment plants, we identify the best treatments for different kinds of contaminants, whether organic and inorganic, suspended or dissolved, in compliance with local regulations.

Wastewater stream – multiple industries
Containing multiple kinds of contaminants (mainly refractory organics, solvents, nitrogen, metals, sulphur compounds).

Wastewater stream – food additives industry
Containing different kinds of dissolved solids (chlorides, sulphates, organics, nitrogen).

Wastewater treatment for reuse or recycling (MLD/ZLD)

The process is designed to combine treated water with reuse or recycling applications. Depending on the wastewater composition, salts may also be crystallized and recycled after purification, e.g., to use sodium chlorides as a deicing agent on the road.

Produced water – O&G industry
Containing oil, different kinds of suspended solids and dissolved solids (chlorides, sulphates, metals, organics).

Wastewater treatment for solvent recovery (and water discharge)

Solvents, often present in industrial wastewater, may be recovered in-house from the waste stream and reused. Evaporation, distillation or stripping technologies can be used depending on the purity to be achieved.

Wastewater stream – pharmaceutical industry
Containing suspended solids and dissolved solids (mainly different kinds of organics, including a valuable solvent).


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The broad range of industrial processes generates extensive wastewater compositions, which may be easy or difficult to treat. Each type of wastewater requires a customised process and a bespoke plant design.
To help our customers choose the ideal process solution, we provide support to conduct analyses and tests, run at our R&D centre, to identify and verify process efficacy concerning the specific wastewater to be treated and the final result to be achieved.
In all process development stages, from testing to engineering and plant design, a dedicated team of scientists and engineers assist and support our customers, working together one step at a time.

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To fully support our customers that need to treat wastewater without investing in a treatment plant, we offer a wastewater collection and outside treatment services operated by our sister company 3V Green Eagle.

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