Concentration is a required process step in different industries to obtain final products with a different quantity of a specific component to be placed on the market, to reduce the product quantity to be stored or transported, to recover by-products from spent solutions or, if applicable, to reduce time and costs of process step sequences such as filtration, drying and purification.

We provide support to industries to identify the most adequate process solution and technology to successfully concentrate different kinds of products, from chemical processing to food and beverage.

Our process solutions

Leveraging our consolidated process expertise in thermal separation, we develop evaporation solutions, selecting the most appropriate evaporator depending on the nature of the product to be concentrated.
With superior expertise in processing temperature sensitive, high boiling, viscous and fouling products and, with a state-of-the-art evaporators portfolio, we can also attain the most challenging specifications.

Depending on a customer’s specific requirements, other process and operation units are developed and integrated with concentration units:

  • Reaction
  • Purification
  • Filtration
  • Drying

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Active in the thermal separation field since 1961 under the Mabo brand, we provide concentration solutions for different kinds of organic and inorganic products, including wastewater, across the following industries:

  • Chloroalkali
  • Crop protection
  • Flavours & fragrances
  • Food & beverage
  • Inorganic salts
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Oleochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers

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To identify a specific process solution, we rely on our R&D centre equipped with process simulation software, laboratory and pilot units. Tests are run on samples provided by the customer to select the process equipment, to study product behaviour during evaporation, to identify the ideal process parameters and to support scale-up. Customer process validation and reliability verification tests are run on request.
Physical and chemical parameters are also determined: boiling point, density, viscosity, solubility and chemical composition (e.g., initial and final product concentration, distillate and concentrate composition, impurities).

From the initial concept and testing to detailed engineering and plant start-up, a dedicated team of scientists and engineers assist and support our customers, working together one step at a time.

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