Safeguarding nature and ecology, including human ecology, should be a necessity for each activity.

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The environmental Industry is the functional prerequisite of sustainable industrial activity and growth: it steadily neutralizes negative external effects and damage cost of industrial production.

In addition to traditional additive pollution management (“clean-up” or “end-of-pipe-treatment”), 3V Tech is your partner for integrated resource management or eco-efficient production and consumption: very low energetic evaporation system, re-refining of waste lube oil, waste water recovery, waste biomass into liquid fuel, ammonia removal from active sludge, solvent recovery solution from viscous product, are just some of our realizations.

Permanent pressure for environmental innovation is welcome: our multidisciplinary experience gives us unrivaled flexibility to respond to specific customer needs with reliable projects and cost effective solutions.

Most technologies offered by 3V Tech are developed in-house. Many are modular skids for easily integration into existing plants.



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